Snow Talks at Cactus Con - FEB 4 2022


"C'mon Man!" stories from Incident Response – Mike McAndrews with PacketWatch ( shares the wild things that he’s been seeing in the Incident Response world. From ransomware to insider threats, and a healthy amount of million dollar payments stolen, learn from others’ mistakes.



Special Surprise Announced day of



Ronnie T. – A brutal and real look at Nigerian cybercrime, Business Email Compromise, the victims, the actors, and you. You will never look at a simple phish the same again after this talk. Warning: this talk features honest explanations of violence associated with phishing campaigns.

1215-1300: LUNCH


1300-1400 KEYNOTE – @ Main Stage



Hack like Moby- @iamv1nc3nt gives a 1 hour pentest hands-on lab. BEFORE THE CON (or after), go to to get the images we gonna hack. Prepare to drink from the fire hose as a guy with more CVE’s than an Apache library teaches you his craft.


Drew Porter, Red Mesa Labs:  Hold the Bleach - How to Launder Money